wild service tree leaves

Above and centre: leaves
of the wild service tree.

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Wild service tree

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              This tree is a rare in London as it is specific about where it grows. The specimen found near the Barbican is barely a tree at all and has just been recently planted. Nevertheless, it has pretty leaves and it is a native tree, so it warrants being mentioned.

wild service tree leaves

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Tree Identification

Sorbus torminalis:

alternate; unequal lobes; clumsy; go red in autumn.

Wild service tree leaf

red/yellow berries which grow in clusters.

Wild service tree flowers

very small white; grow in bunches.

Wild service tree bark bark:
grey, smooth.
grows to 20 metres; oval crown.
general: not common in London; related to the whitebeam and rowan.

Barbican Map

There is a very young one on
Aldersgate street.

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