wild cherry tree

Above: the wild cherry tree on
Noble street and London Wall.

Trees of London
London Wall, Barbican

Wild Cherry: Gean

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              The wild cherry is the tree from which the trees which produce the cherries we eat in the shops have been cultivated.

             All three types of cherry tree are found in London; the wild cherry, the bird cherry, and the much more common, Japanese cherry which produces the beautiful blossom.

             The wild cherry's other claim to fame is that it is a native tree.

leaves of the wild cherry tree.

wild cherry leaf

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Tree Identification

Prunus avium:

alternate; veins: alternate; oval, pointed; with toothed edges

Wild cherry leaf

cherries; black/red; edible but bitter.

Wild cherry flower

Flowers: white flowers; charming but not as elaborate as in ornamental cherry trees.

Wild cherry bark bark:
metalic like, with horizontal ridges.
grows to 25 metres; sometimes tall and lanky, but usually with a rounded crown.
general: a native tree, but less common than Japanese ornamental cherry trees. The tree from which the cherries we buy in shops are derived.

Barbican Map

On the corner of Noble street and London Wall.

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