white willow tree

Above: a white willow with
the London Wall in front and
Barber Surgeons' house behind.

Below: there are two white willows
in the gardens beside Barber
Surgeons' house.

white willow trees

Trees of London
London Wall, Barbican

White Willow

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              The white willow, like the crack willow, is a native tree. They share many features, but differ in that the white willow does not grow as large. The white willow grows to 16 metres; the crack willow to 27 metres. Both are native to Britain.

              The more well known weeping willow is sometimes a hybrid of this tree, but not always, as their are different types.

The pond at Barbican with the wall to the
side and willow trees in the background.

Barbican trees

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Tree Identification

Salix alba:

alternate; long, thin, pointed; pale green; flimsy, hang down.

white willow leaf

inconspicuous capsule seeds.

White willow catkins


White willow bark bark:
rough, brown, with pronounced vertical ridges.
grows to 16 metres; tall, broad, but not rounded.
general: a native tree; because of its thin leaves, it lets a lot of light through.

Barbican Map

There are two in the garden beside
Barber Surgeons' house.

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