vine tree on Gower Street

Above and below: a traditional
London town house, except with a
vine tree growing on it

vine tree

Trees of London
Gower Street

Vine tree

              The vine is not really a tree at all but a creeper, but seeing anything with grapes growing from it, as one does with this example in Gower street in the autumn, is such an unusual and exhilarating experience that it is worth including here.

              The fact that vines are creepers is evident as when they are seen in vineyards in France and elsewhere; they always have posts to prop them up.

Vine tree with grapes.
click for larger view.
Photos: courtesy of Jim Murray. vine tree

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Tree Identification


square to round; slightly lobed; toothed at the edges.

Vine leaf



small yellow; grows in clusters.
smooth, grey.
really a climber, like ivy; usually needs some support.
general: rare in London; in fact, rare anywhere other than vineyards.

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8 Gower Street, not far from Bedford Square.

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