Turkish hazel nut

Above: the Turkish hazel nut.

Below: the Turkish hazel in
Gresham Street

Turkish hazel tree

Trees of London
Blackfriars Bridge

Turkish hazel

              Unlike the common hazel, the Turkish hazel is not a shrub. In fact, it grows upright to a healthy height and is shaped round to conical. Perhaps it is for this reason that it is more common in London than our native hazel, though it is by no means everywhere.

             The nut comes in a convoluted shaped coat, but the seeds are much like the common hazel and are edible.

             The tree originates, as one can tell by its name, from Turkey as well as the Balkans and Iran.

Beside Blackfriars bridge on the embankment. Turkish hazel tree

related tree: common hazel

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Tree Identification

Corylus colurna:

alternate; veins: alternate; square to round; toothed at edges; pointed tip.

Turkish hazel leaf
Turkish hazel nut

looks vaguely like a nest; round with spikes coming out; the seeds grow in clusters and are just visible on the nut; seeds are similar to the type of hazel nuts which are eaten at Christmas.


Turkish hazel bark bark:
grey/white; scaly.
grows to 20 metres; round to pointed crown.
general: grows like a conventional tree, compared to the common hazel which is more a shrub.

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Between Blackfriars railway bridge and the road bridge,
on the north side, there is one on the embankment.

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