tulip tree

Above: one of two fully grown tulip trees in Inner Temple Gardens.

Below: one of many young tulip trees in front of Fenchurch street station.

tulip tree

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Tulip tree

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              The tulip tree was introduced into Britain by Charles I's head gardener, John Tradescant, in the 17th Century.

              Here, in Britain, it has never really progressed beyond being used occasionally as an ornamental tree, but in its native North America many uses have been found for its timber. Red-Indians used to use it to make canoes, by burrowing through its trunk, while more recently its wood has been used for making kitchen furniture.

              Its pollen is good for making honey.

Autumn leaves at Inner Temple Gardens.

tulip tree

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Tree Identification

Liriodendron tulipifera:

alternate; shaped like a tulip

Tulip tree leaf
Tulip tree nut

nuts/fruit: upright green/brown; looks like a flower bud.


spring by themselves and look like tulips.
Tukip tree bark bark:
dark grey, with vertical ridges
tall, straight to 35 meters.
general: quite a few small ones in London. Can grow to 60 metres in North America.

map of Inner Temple

There are two by the path on the north side
of Inner Temple Gardens.
yellow: Tulip trees.

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