Trees of London

              The purpose of this website is to teach people how to identify trees. Our target audience is pensioners, those of what the French call 'un certain age' and children. Those poor souls of that deluded age group which begins at adolescence and does not end until the bemusement of middle age sets in are welcome, but we fear that their preoccupation with pop music and other forms of youth culture will prevent them from getting the most out of this site. This probably applies to half the politicians in this country also. Nevertheless they are welcome whenever they are ready.

Click on one of the green labels to find the trees at a given location or click on the tree index to find a specific tree

With a rudimentary ability of identifying trees, fairly mundane roads and walkways which have long since lost their lustre should become rejuvenated. as you occupy your time looking at them from a different angle, the angle of identifying their tree life. The short walk to the underground station or bus stop which has become a little bit mundane should reveal itself with a whole new set of wonders. A visit, on foot, to the local shops will become something to look forward to as you are awoken to the mystery and excitement of identifying trees.



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