sumac tree

Above: a sumac at Euston.

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              The fruit of the sumac tree makes for an unusually exotic sight in gardens of the east-end of London. They conjure up ideas of giant poisonous buds of the type depicted in Tarzan movies.

              Like the rhododendron, it originates from the tropics: southern Africa. Unlike the rhododendrum, however, they do not really blend in well in Britain. Once the initial surprise value wears off, the tree becomes a bit irritating, and its beauty is also ephemeral

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Tree Identification


pinately compound leaves; leaflets opposite.

Sumac leaf
Sumac fruit

nuts/fruit: the trees most striking characteristic; conelike; upright; vary in colour depending on the tree, scented; known as sumac bobs.


yellow clusters in upright cone shape.
smooth; fairly light.
grows up to 10 metres, but most are a lot smaller; round; more a large bush than a tree.
general: very common in gardens in suburbs; rarely planted in central London.

On the west side of Euston Square, the park
in front of Euston station, the King's
Cross side, there is a sumac tree where
the path leading to the station bends.
Marked in light green on the map.

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