Judas tree

Above and below: the sugar maple
tree at Lincoln's Inn fields.

Judas tree

Trees of London
Lincoln's Inn Fields

Sugar Maple

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              The plaque in front of the very young specimen of the sugar maple in Lincolnís Inn fields refers to it as a Canadian maple. This is not strictly speaking accurate, because there is no such tree as a Canadian maple, and the maple tree from which the maple leaf was taken to form Canada's national emblem could be any one of the thirteen varieties of maple which are native to Canada. However, the case for the sugar maple is strengthened when it is considered that it is from the sap of this tree that maple syrup, Canada's most famous product, is derived.

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Tree Identification

Acer saccharum:

opposite; maple shaped, like the Canadian flag.

sugar maple leaf

double samara, at an acute angle


grow down in clusters.
smooth grey when young, becoming cracked.
grows to 35 metres; rounded crown.
general: the one from which maple syrup is made; from the sap of the bark.

Turning left at the entrance opposite the
John Soane's Museum, the sugar maple is on the right
with a railing around it on its own.
yellow: John Soane's Museum.
brown: sugar maple.

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