silver wattle tree

Above: silver wattles in Postman's Park.

Trees of London
Postman's Park

Silver wattle

              Britain is about as cold a country as this tree can stand, and there are countries a lot colder than Britain, as it cannot really survive if temperatures go below -10C. It is a native of the more temperate parts of Australia but, unlike the gum tree, it does not look out of place in the London parks. Perhaps surprisingly, it is Australia's national tree.

             Its leaves, which are a bit fernlike, are often used as cuttings to adorn flower bouquets.

Other Trees in Postman's Park

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Tree Identification

Acacia dealbata:

evergreen; double pinnately compound; leaflets: very, very small and thin.

Silver wattle needles

reddish brown pods.


small, yellow; in clusters.
Silver wattle bark bark:
grey, thin.
grows to 20 metres; quite angular and thin.
general: rare in central London.

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Behind a bench on the south path of Postman's Park.

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