silver maple tree

One of two silver maples
at Lincoln's Inn fields.
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silver maple tree

Trees of London
Lincoln's Inn Fields

Silver Maple

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          The silver maple can be seen in odd places around London, though a sighting of it is by no means an everyday experience. Its most distinctive characteristic is its very elaborate leaf. They are so deeply lobed that they almost lose their maple shape and they have a kind of star pattern. The tree originates from the eastern side of North America.

Autumn in Lincoln's Inn fields.
The silver maple is in the foreground.
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autumn silver maple

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Lincoln's Inn fields

Tree Identification

Acer saccharinum:

opposite; star shaped; deep lobes and elaborate rim.

silver maple leaf

double samaras, 180 degrees.


yellow; not conspicuous.
silver maple bark bark:
grey; relatively smooth.
grows to 20 metres; tall and thin.
general: its leaf is its most striking feature.

Turn left after entering at the
entrance opposite the John Soane museum.
About half way along there is a plaque
commemorating the Canadians who died
in the Second World War. The next tree after this
is a silver maple.
yellow: John Soane's museum.
red: silver maples

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