sessile oak leaves

Above: sessile oak leaves.

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Sessile oak

              Oaks are seen by many as the tree of England and the sessile oak has as much a claim to being that oak as the 'English oak', as it, too, is native and is just as common. It should be noted though, that the people of many other countries where the oak is present share this sentiment about it being their national emblem.

              It is very similar to the English oak. Perhaps the sessile grows slightly taller and thinner, but this takes an expert eye to notice. The stalks on the leaves of the sessile are slightly longer. The best distinction is that the sessile has stalkless acorns. Sessile means stalkless.

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Tree Identification

Quercus petraea:

alternate; veins: alternate; oval, lobed;

Sessile oak leaf

short-stalk acorns.
It is this which gives the Sessile oak its name. Sessile means without stalks.


yellow green pendent catkins.
Sessile oak bark bark:
rough, brown; vertical ridges
grows to 35 metres; stocky with horizontal growing branches that are strong; rounded crown.
general: a native tree, but rare in London.

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