redwood tree

The redwood is not as rare
in London as one might think.
Above: one in Inner Temple gardens.

Below: one in St Paul's churchyard.

redwood tree

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Dawn Redwood

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              Quite a well known tree, because people boast about seeing giant ones in North America when they come back from their holidays. In Britain they don't grow nearly as high, at least up to now they haven't.

              Their bark is a striking dark red, and their needles turn a pleasant red in the autumn. They are one of the few conifers that shed their needles in the winter.

Casts off most light from below it.

redwood tree needles

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Tree Identification

Metasequoia glyptostroboides:

opposite on twigs; green but go red/brown in autumn and are shed, which is rare for conifers

redwood needles



vary from male to female trees.
female: small green cones.
dawn redwood bark bark:
quite soft and hairy; vertical ridges; striking red/brown.
tall, thin, can grow extremely tall in America.
general: not a British tree, but there are a few planted, for effect, in the centre of London.

map of Inner Temple

In the main part of Inner Temple Gardens.
yellow: redwood tree.

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