tree and Nelson's column

Above: Christmas tree with
Nelson's column. click

Below: preparing for decoration.

Christmas tree

Trees of London
Trafalgar Square

Norway Spruce or Christmas tree

              The Norway spruce, in common with most conifers, is a rarity in London, except at Christmas time when they are everywhere; this is not surprising, as the Norway spruce is the Christmas tree.

             The Norway spruce at Trafalgar Square is annually donated to London by the government of Norway as a thank you for Britain's role during the Second World War. It is a gift to the British nation.

             Having a Christmas tree is a northern European custom, as are most of the Christmas traditions practised in Britain, and came to Britain during the nineteenth century through Queen Victoria's husband, Prince Albert, who was from Saxe Coburg in Germany. Pictures of the Royal Family gathered around a Christmas tree were circulated and the people quickly and enthusiastically began to mimic the practice.

The National Gallery is behind
the lion and the Christmas tree.
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The lion and the Christmas tree


Tree Identification
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Picea abies:

grow from small brown pegs.

Norway spruce needles

10 - 15cm cones.


fairly small; cone like
red/brown; flaky
grows to 50 metres; tall, thin, pointed, like a Christmas tree.
general: mostly only seen when young and small, when used as Christmas trees.

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Trafalgar Square; in front of
Nelson's column; can't miss it.

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