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Plane trees

Plane trees
in skyline.

beech leaves

beech leaves.

pond leaves

pond leaves.

pond leaves

various leaves in the
pond at fountain court

Russell Hotel

Plane trees beside
the Russell Hotel.

plane twigs

Plane trees
in the skyline.

Trees of London


Things to look for:

              As with April, this is a month in the year when trees are at their most animated. At the beginning of the month, those trees which flower are mostly still in flower; but they quickly wilt. The most striking sight is the pollen from the London planes raining down. This gathers on the ground like hay.


              The cherry trees are already beginning to wilt as are the apple trees. The upright flowers of the red and the white horse chestnut trees endure for longer. Perhaps the most striking flowers are those of the hawthorn trees, but those of the rowans and whitebeams are also worth a look.

The silhouette:

              The general shape of a tree remains visible: whether it is tall or round, but the time to admire its silhouette has passed


              Things happen so quickly in nature that no sooner have the flowers disappeared than fruit begins to appear. Of course it takes longer to develop, but cherries can be seen on some cherry trees; albeit not ripe and plums on some plum trees.


              Now and for the rest of the summer, leaves are on display to aid identification. Almost all the trees are in full foliage by the beginning of May; it is only the ash trees and the tree of heavens that stagger behind until mid-May.


              There are so many aids to tree identification in the summer, but still note the bark. It is the tree identifier's ever present friend.

tulip trees

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