Lombardy poplar

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Lombardy poplar scenes.

Lombardy poplar

Trees of London
Joseph Grimaldi Park

Lombardy Poplar

              The Lombardy poplar originates from northern Italy, hence its name; Lombardy is the region of which Milan is the main town. It is a male hybrid of the black poplar.

              It is a very familiar tree, famous for lining country avenues in France. It is very rare in central London, though not so much in outer London. It particularly finds humid conditions difficult to cope with, and perhaps this is the reason it is not found so much in London.

The branches always grow upwards. lombardy poplar

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Tree Identification

Populus nigra italica:

large, depending on size of the tree; triangular.

Lombardy poplar leaf

cotton like; come in capsules.


Lombardy poplar bark bark:
rough with vertical and horizontal ridges.
branches grow up at a sharpe angle and bend inwards towards the top; hence the tree is narrow; grows to 30 metres.
general: rare in London, but easy to recognize where it is found because of its shape.

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Joseph Grimaldi Park is situated off the Pentonville Road, near
King's Cross station. The lombardy poplar is visible on the west side.

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