Lincoln's Inn Fields

first tree: hazel

Lincoln's Inn is the largest square in London. It was designed by Inigo Jones in the 17th century, and used to be a popular place for the fighting of duels. More recently it was a habitat for down-and-outs; there was a peculiarity with regard to the law on this piece of land which meant that people had the right to loiter and sleep here without being moved on by the police. This appears to have changed recently.

A cherry tree

Spring bloom

It only lasts about two weeks, only a few days in its full lustre.

The Japanese cherry tree is featured in the section on Russell Square.

The Tree Tour

        The John Soane Museum is located on this square at number thirteen on the north side. This museum is full of odd artifacts and is fun to wander round. Apart from his collection of art, John Soane is famous for being the architect of the Bank of England, though only a small amount of his design constitutes the present building located in the City. We shall start our tour of Lincoln's Inn at the entrance which is located across the road from the museum.

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Trees at Lincoln's Inn fields:

all the trees are located inside the square.


Judas tree



Indian bean


silver maple

cornelian cherry

sugar maple