Lawson cypress

Above: the lawson cypress.

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Lawson's Cypress

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              Lawson cypresses were chopped down in the late 1990s with as much zeal as they were planted in the 1980s; they are far too tall and fast growing to be planted in gardens. They are a popular tree for hedging in parks and in public areas and they are probably best left in the hands of park-keepers and rangers and others who know what they are doing, rather than with amateur gardeners.

              In the country, these trees are a popular habitat for birds like the goldfinch, greenfinch and chaffinch.

With St Paul's in the background..

lawson cypress

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Tree Identification

Chamaecyparis lawsoniana:

scale like

Lawson cypress needles

small rounded cones.

Lawson cypress flower

not conspicuous

Lawson cypress bark bark:
red/brown; soft and flaky.
grows to 30 metres; tall and conical
general: they are a fast growing tree and garderners should be warned: they are difficult to manage.

North of Festival Gardens, east of the cathedral,
beside some toilets, there are three beside one another
forming a large hedge.
Marked orange on map.

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