Japanese bitter orange tree

Above:the Japanese bitter orange tree.

Below: its fruit between the leaves.

Japanese bitter orange tree fruit

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Japanese bitter orange

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              There are not many citrus trees growing in London, and this is about as close as one gets. As one can gather from its name its fruit is quite sharp and bitter, but it is not unpalatable and is strangely refreshing and rich in vitamin C.

              It is worth taking a look at the leaves which are called trifoliate.

the powerful, bright colour of its leaves

Japanese bitter orange tree

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Tree Identification

Poncirus trifoliata:

compound; deciduous

leaves of Japanese bitter orange
Japanese bitter orange fruit

more like lemons than oranges, though round; edible but a bit bitter.

Japanese bitter orange flower

white flowers.

bark of Japanese bitter orange tree bark:
brown; rough; usually hidden by foliage.
grows to 3 metres; more of a bush than a tree.
general: technically does not belong to the citrus family because it is deciduous, but the fruit has all the attributes, and can be made into marmalade.

Against the southside of the church; east of
the south transept
Marked yellow on map.

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