ironwood tree

Above: the shrublike ironwood.

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Persian ironwood

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              The Persian Ironwood is most famed for how its leaves reflect light in the autumn, and the rich diversity of the colours they give off.

             It originates from Iran and is called ironwood because of the characteristics its wood shares with iron, i.e. it is strong.

             It is a small round tree, that would grace any garden where it was planted.

             It was discover, to Europeans, by the German botanist, FW Parrot.

In the shade at St Paul's churchyard.

ironwood tree

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Tree Identification

Parrotia persica:

alternate; glossy green; purple in autumn.

Persian ironwood leaf

capsules containing two seeds.


late summer; red, no petals.
Persian ironwood bark bark:
smooth; pink, mustardy.
grows to 15 metres; round, conical.
general: a native of Iran. Planted in the squares of London for its autumn colouring.

Directly east of the cathedral. Against the railing
of the churchyard; there are two.
Marked orange on map.

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