The Inns of Court

first tree: almond

              Lawyers lead a charmed life. No sooner have they come down to the bustle and grime of London from Oxford or Cambridge, than they find themselves located in this idyllic spot which really simulates those two towns in the heart of London. However, thankfully, they do not insist on this place being for their own exclusive use, and they make it available for the rest of us to visit, and worth a visit it certainly is, because it is a very peaceful spot with ancient buildings with architectural features as well as its notable tree collection.

              The Inner Temple used to be a relatively unknown gem, but since the best selling book, The Da Vinci Code, which has a scene set in the Temple Church, it has become a lot more famous. The Temple church, with its effigies of the Knights Templars, is worth a visit after you have seen the trees.

tulip trees

The Tree Tour

              Most of the trees are located in Inner Temple Gardens which is open from 12:30pm until 3:00pm, but Fountains Court, about thrity yards away, is also worth a visit because it is very beautiful in its own right and contains a mulberrry tree.

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Inner Temple Trees:

all the trees are located in Inner Temple Gardens.


crab apple

atlas cedar

Canadian maple