hornbeam tree

Above: a hornbeam in Golden

Trees of London

Golden Square


              Not only is the hornbeam native to Britain, it is native to London, and has legitimate claims to be the true London tree.

            It produces a tough durable wood which used to be used for producing workmen's tools.

Hornbeam patterns. hornbeam leaves and wingnuts

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Tree Identification

Carpinus betulus:

alternate; veins: opposite; oval, pointed; toothed edges.

Hornbeam leaf
Hornbeam nuts

nuts/fruit: nutlets which hang down in distinctive clusters.


Hornbeam bark bark:
fairly smooth, grey
grows to 25 metres; straight with round crown.
general: fairly common everywhere, including central London. Shape similar to whitebeam.

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The most prominent trees in Golden Square in
west London are hornbeams and there are several of them.

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