giant fir tree

Above: the giant fir in St Paul's churchyard.

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Giant fir

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              The giant fir was introduced into Britain by the Scottish botanist, David Douglas (1799 - 1834). After studying in his native Perth and at the Botanical Gardens in Glasgow, David Douglas undertook an expedition of the western side of North America on behalf of the Royal Horticultural Society. As a result of this tour, more than two hundred plants were introduced into Britain, most notably the giant, or grand, fir and the Douglas fir, named after him.

            David Douglas died prematurely, aged 35, when he was crushed by a bull in Honolulu.

Evergreen beside bare deciduous trees.

giant fir

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Tree Identification

Abies grandis:

grow at angle away from twig on both sides; green waxy.

giant fir needles



not conspicuous; female: grow in very small cones between needles.
giant fir bark bark:
tall, pointed.
general: can grow to 85 metres in America; tallest fir in the world.

In front of the north-east entrance
to the churchyard, there is green area.
Of the two conical trees, the ginat fir is on the left.
It has a plaque in front of it marking it.
Marked red on map.

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