foxglove tree

Above: a foxglove tree with
Barber Surgeons' house behind.

Trees of London
London Wall, Barbican

Foxglove tree

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              There are many features to look out for in this fairly ordinary, at least at first glance, tree. The most striking, perhaps, are its flowers, which usually appear in May. They are purple/pink and look like little bells.

           Ancient Chinese myth, the tree is native to China, says that the nectar from the leaf of this tree has beneficial effects on hair: preventing it going grey and encouraging it to grow.

the autumn capsules.

foxglove tree

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Tree Identification

Paulownia tomentosa:

opposite; very very large; pear shaped.

foxglove leaf
foxglove nut

armoured capsules; look a bit crablike; appear in autumn.

foxglove flower

grow in striking upright bunches; purple.

foxglove bark bark:
grey/smooth; vertical lines.
grows to 20 metres; a broad crown.
general: quite a rare tree; looks like a Indian bean, but flowers and fruits distinguish it. Leaves not unlike those of a mulberry.

Barbican Map

There is one either side of Barber Surgeons'
house. One in the garden and one
in the carpark.

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