dwarf box  tree

Above: a dwarf box in St Olave's

Below: in St Botolph's, Bishopsgate.

dwarf box tree

Trees of London
Postman's Park

Dwarf box

              The dwarf box is more common in London than the common box which is a native tree. It grows well in the shade and this is probably why it is often found next to walls.

              The common box is used for hedging and, because of its densely clustered leaves, lets very little light through. It is therefore surprising to find that quite a lot of light passes under the dwarf box, and so plants can grow underneath.

Several in Postman's Park dwarf box  trees

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Tree Identification

Azara microphylla:

very small; green with a bit of yellow; evergreen.

dwarf box leaves

very small, black berries.

dwarf box flower

Flowers: very small, yellow flowers, which grow between the leaves.

dwarf box bark bark:
fairly smooth; light, with feint vertical ridges.
grows to 10 metres; slim.
general: quite a few in London churchyards. More common in London than the native common box, which is used more for growing hedges.

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There are several behind the benches in the middle of Postman's Park.

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