crack willows

Above and below: impressive trees
for a mundane location.

crack willows

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Crack Willow

              The crack willow is very similar in features and habitat to the white willow. The main difference is that the crack willow grows taller: to about 27 metres; the white willow to about 16 metres.

             It grows straight and upright, unlike the much more well known, weeping willow, though it shares many features with that tree. Actually, there isn't really one type of weeping willow tree; they are formed as different hybrids of many other types of willow.

Towering into the sky. crack willow

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Tree Identification

Salix fragilis:

alternate; long, thin, pointed; pale green; flimsy, hang down.

crack willow leaf

inconspicuous capsule seeds.


crack willow bark bark:
rough, brown, with pronounced vertical ridges.
grows to 27 metres; tall, broad, but not rounded.
general: a native tree; is usually planted near water.

Aldgate Map

On White's Row, near Commercial street in Spitalfield's,
there are only five trees: two crack willows and three limes.
The white willows are beside a large carpark.

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