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              Like the Conelian cherry tree, the Cotoneaster is more a bush than a tree. Nevertheless it appears so frequently in London that it is worth knowing about. Its most striking feature is its clusters of very small read berries which appear in autumn and remain for most of the winter. It is often seen occupying space between larger trees beside the outer railings of the London squares.

A cornelian cherry tree with a group of
cotoneasters behind: right of path.


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Tree Identification

Cotoneaster frigidus:

long, thin, pointed; firm, slightly leathery.

Cotoneaster leaf
Cotoneaster berries

small, red berries; grow in clusters.


white; 5 small, white petals each; grow in clusters.
Cotoneaster bark bark:
smooth, brown.
grows to 5 metres; round.
general: planted at the rim of squares as a bush.

Lincoln's Inn Map

There are several in Lincoln's Inn fields..
yellow: John Soane's Museum.
blue: cotoneaster.

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