Canadian maple tree

Above: the young Canadian, or red
maple, in Inner Temple Gardens

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Canadian maple

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              There is no official tree attributed to the Canadian national emblem: the maple leaf, but since this, the red maple, is native to Canada, it is certainly a contender. Its case is strongly reliant on the fact that its leaves go red in the autumn, and the leaf on the Canadian flag is red. However, the maple leaf was Canada's emblem before red was decided for the Canadian flag in 1965, so other maples may still be contenders. The biggest rival is perhaps the Sugar maple from which Canada's most famous product is derived: maple syrup.

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Tree Identification

Acer rubrum:

maple shaped: like the Canadia flag; lobes are not deep; 2-4 inches.

Canadian maple leaf

small double samaras; about 60 degrees.


red with 5 petals; grow in clusters for short time in spring.
pale grey, smooth; cracks on older trees.
grows to 25 metres; tall/thin.
general: stiking red in autumn.

map of Inner Temple

On the north-east of Inner Temple Gardens
yellow: Canadian maple.

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