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              The box is a native tree which is often used for hedging. So much so, that it is very rare to see one which has been allowed to grow naturally.

              It is an evergreen with small, leathery leaves which grow densely clustered. It grows slowly but densely, and this is perhaps why it is popular for hedging, because it becomes impenetrable even for light to get through, almost like a wall.

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Tree Identification

Boxus sempervirens:

opposite; very small a few centimetres maximum; leathery; evergreen.

Box leaves

small capsules with many seeds inside.


small, yellow/green.
Box bark bark:
rough, but with distinctly marked ridges, vertical and horizonal.
grows to 10 metres; usually cut back to make bushes, but grows long and angular.
general: rare in central London. It is said that its leaves are poisonous.

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Ther are none in central London but two in Kew Gardens.

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