blck poplar in Joseph Grimaldi park

above: On the Pentonville Road
at Joseph Grimaldi park with
St Pancras station in background.

below: in Russell square.

black poplar in Russell Square

Trees of London
Joseph Grimaldi Park

black  Poplar

Lombardy Poplar      old black poplar

              The black poplar is one of the native trees, i.e. it arrived in Britain, naturally, before the English channel formed. It has fewer branches than the London planes, but what branches there are, are more powerful. The leaves are triangular or pear shaped. In the case of the trees at Joseph Grimaldi park, they are large, but generally their size is proportional to the size of the tree.

              It used to be a much more common tree in Britain, hence it is featured in Constable's famous painting: the Hay Wain. It is rare in central London, because it likes to grow by water, but there are three large ones and a small at Joseph Grimaldi park.

Two black poplars in Joseph Grimaldi park

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St Paul's

Tree Identification

populus nigra.

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Poplar leaf

Vary in size depending on the size of the tree; triangular shaped, dark green above, light green underneath; alternate.

Poplar fruit
Poplar fruit

capsules; when they split, they reveal a cotton wool type substance which can be seen on the ground around the tree.

the flowers are not conspicuous.

don't last long in the spring and appear before the leaves.
Poplar bark bark: rough, dark brown with strong ridges.
grows to about 35 metres
Sometimes with very strong branches which form a Y shape with the trunk.
general: something of a rarity in London but the ones that are about are good examples. There is also one in Russell Square.

The Haywain by Constable

The Haywain by Constable.

of trees.
Good examples in Joseph Grimaldi park
on the Pentonville road
near King's Cross station.
One in Russell square

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