London Wall, Barbican

first tree:
grey alder

              London Wall is located in a specific part of the City but, of course, originally the wall surrounded the whole of the old town, and bits of it can be seen at odd places all over London. It is usually referred to as the old Roman wall but, in fact, was functional right into the late middle ages.

              Enthusiasts would describe the current development at the Barbican; the surrounding offices as well as the arts' centre, as a great fusion of old and new. The majority do not agree, and look at all the modern buildings with horror. However it cannot be denied that this area has its merits; the Barbican centre remains a location for high quality art twenty-five years after it was opened; the residences, incorportated into it, are still regarded as luxurious and desirable, only for the very rich; and more importantly, the ancient sites, of which trees are included, are still there to be admired.

The Tree Tour

              All the trees included in this section are located to the south of the Barbican complex: St Giles' church; Barber Surgeons' Hall; and across the road, called London Wall.

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Barbican Trees:

all the trees are located in or just outside the Barbican complex.

grey alder


white willow

wild cherry

wild service