atlantic cedar

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atlantic cedar

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Atlas Cedar

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              Also known as the atlantic cedar and the Algerian cedar, this tree originates from the Atlas mountain range in Algeria and Morocco.

              It is dramatic looking with jagged branches which vaguely resemble a hooded figure, but a giant one.

The atlas cedar is on the right.

atlantic cedar

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Tree Identification

Cedrus Atlantica:

come out all around the stem, not just opposite; have sub-shoots depending on age of tree.

Atlantic cedar needles

cylindrical; compact; grow upright.


cone like; male and female; September-October
Atlantic cedar bark bark:
grey/brown; medium ridges.
to about 30 metres in Britain; conical but a bit crooked; elaborare branches.
general: rare in Lonodn can grow to 50 metres in natural habitat in European mountains.

map of Inner Temple

Beside the south path of Inner Temple Gardens
yellow: Atlas cedar.

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