almond tree by Van Gogh

Above: a young almond tree
by Van Gogh

below: a young almond tree
in Inner Temple Gardens

almond tree

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              The almond tree's claim to fame is that it produces the almond nut, which is used extensively in cooking as well as being eaten on its own; it is the principle ingredient for that luxury confectionery, marzipan, from which sweets are often made in the shape of fruits.

              The almond tree originates from the middle east, and almond nuts were found in the tomb of Tutankamun.

It looks evergreen, but the almond
sheds its leaves in the winter

almond tree

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Tree Identification

Prunus dulcis:

deciduous, lance like, thin and pointed; about four inches long.

Almond leaf
Almond nuts without skin
Almond nut with skin

nuts/fruit: the same almonds that are eaten at Christmas, but with an outer green skin when on the tree.

Almond flower

quite small; white/pink; five petals.

Almond bark bark:
grows less than 10 metres; round.
general: originates from Iran; nuts used to make marzipan.

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map of Inner Temple

By the railing at the north-east corner
of Inner Temmple Gardens
yellow: almond tree.

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