The houses of Parliament are surrounded by Indian bean trees.

Trees of London

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Trees of London

Tree Identification

London Wall, Barbican:

    wild service tree, foxglove, white willow, grey alder, and wild cherry

Inns of Court:

    tulip tree, mulberry, crab apple, almond tree, Canadian maple, atlas cedar and redwood

Russell Square:

    yew, holly, common alder, wych elm, holm oak and Japanese cherry tree

Tree Identification

              Where to find typical examples of tree types throughout central London.

Lincoln's Inn Fields:

    hazel tree, birch, laburnum, Judas tree, cotoneaster, Indian bean tree, Cornelian cherry tree, oak tree, silver maple, and sugar maple.


    ash, horse chestnut, red oak, sumac, whitebeam, Turkey oak, tree of heaven, and fig

Tower of London:

    black poplar, acacia, honey locust, ginkgo, London plane, Norway maple, sycamore, rowan, and bird cherry .

St Paul's Cathedral:

    walnut tree, lime tree, strawberry tree, giant fir, ironwood, orange, sweet gum, English elm, lawson's cypress, Italian alder, and beech.

Trees at other Locations,
including, Tavistock Square and St Mary Le Strand.

    weeping willow, box, dwarf box, silver wattle, plum tree, hawthorn, field maple, magnolia, Bosnian pine, bay laurel, Turkish hazel, pear tree, Lombardy poplar, hornbeam, elder, swamp cypress, sessile oak, crack willow, sweet chestnut, wingnut, vine, and white gum. Norway spruce.


Watch the pollen from the London planes;

it rains down over London.

British Trees:

for information relating to
trees which are native to
Britain go to the
history section.
Each page has photos of flowers, fruit, nuts,
bark, leaves.

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Trees of London


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